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Four Everyday Items You Can Use to Increase the Storage in Your Caravan—No Building Skills Required

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Looking for ways to increase the storage in your caravan but don’t have the time, money or skills to retrofit it into a storage wonderland? Don’t worry. Boosting the storage capacity of your caravan trailer doesn’t have to require a lot of building skills or much of a cash investment. With a little ingenuity, you can create extra caravan storage using simple, everyday items. Here are a few ideas to get you started: 1. Nursery Organiser Designed to hang over cots, nursery organisers are typically for holding baby powder and nappies, but in a caravan, they can turn any extra vertical space into a storage area. Hang one on the back of a bathroom door to hold your toiletries or over the back of the caravan’s main door to hold flashlights, flip-flops, bug spray and other outdoor essentials. These organisers or the similar shoe organisers can also create storage near the fixed bed in your caravan if you have one. If you are tired of falling over shoes in your caravan, cut a shoe organiser into strips; each strip should contain a row of shoe holders. Grab your glue gun or a few thumbtacks and attach the pockets to the particle board around the main bed in your caravan. Now, you have a convenient place to store shoes. You can even use the pockets closest to the head of the bed to hold flashlights, books, medicine or anything else you like to have nearby as you sleep. 2. Hinges Hinges on their own won’t increase the storage in your caravan, but they can make the space under your fixed bed accessible. Simply use a saw to cut a rectangular access hole into the wood around your fixed bed. Now apply hinges to the cut wood and to the wood framing it. Now, you have a small door you can swing open and shut. Through this door, you can slip lawn chairs, caravan awnings or anything else you need to store. If you want to take under-the-bed storage to a new level, you can add a hydraulic lift to the bed so you can access the whole area, but this project takes more materials and more building skills than just adding a few simple hinges. 3. Velcro Strips Velcro is ideal for use in a caravan because it increases storage, but it also holds you possessions in place as you drive, helping to maintain order and reduce damage. Strips of velcro are easy to apply; simply peel off the adhesive backing and stick the velcro where you like. If you want to use velcro strips to organise your TV remotes, adhere one side of the velcro to the back of the remote and the other to the side of a wall or back of a chair. If you want to subdivide drawers with small plastic bins, you can use velcro to hold the bins in place. Unlike glue, velcro lets you remove these small containers as needed but holds them firmly in place as you drive. 4. PVC Pipe PVC pipe can be used creatively all over your caravan to create a storage solution that also stops your possessions from shifting, moving and getting damaged as you drive. Cut narrow pieces of PVC pipe to a length of a few...

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