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Roof Top Tents: The Benefits They Afford You When Camping

by Edward Bailey

The camping experience is supposed to be rugged and bring you much closer to nature than you normally would be. This outdoorsy state of affairs may be well and good during the day but it can be quite unpleasant when night falls and you have to sleep outside. Granted, ground tents are functional when it comes to providing you with shelter during your camping adventure. Nevertheless, there are not many advantages they present you with when compared to roof top tents. As the name implies, these are tents erected atop of your vehicle rather than putting them up on the ground. Below are some of the benefits that roof top tents will afford you on your camping trip.

Roof top tents are simple to erect

One of the main reasons why you may want to consider roof top tents is that they are much easier to put up than their ground counterparts are. With ground tents, you have to contend with ensuring all the pegs are in place securely, prepping the ground by eliminating twigs and a host of other issues. With a roof top tent, all you need to do is take off the tents cover, open it and put down the ladder! With these simple steps, you are entirely off the ground and do not have to worry about securing any lines, pegs and other cords.

Moreover, with a roof top tent, you do not have to spend time clearing out your campsite to ensure that the ground is flat enough for your comfort. Lastly, the simple installation also means decreased time wasted with putting up the tent. Therefore, you can erect your roof top tent right before you decide to go to sleep, rather than having to prepare it while the sun is still up.

Roof top tents are secure and comfortable

A complaint some people have after coming from a camping trip is backaches and an assortment of other pains due to sleeping on hard ground. Although this is part and parcel of the camping experience, it is not mandatory that you expose yourself to these conditions. Roof top tents will typically come with a built-in foam mattress. This is to ensure that the bottom of the tent is sturdy enough to stay steady on top of your vehicle.

This thick foam mattress inadvertently also makes the tent much more comfortable for you to sleep in. You can then choose to include an additional mattress for your comfort levels, though some people find it accommodating as it is. For more information, contact companies like Austrack Campers.